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the border. >> reporter: special agent terry reed is part of the f.b.i.'s ever-expanding operation working to root out corruption. >> in 2007, there were only six border corruption task forces. today there are 24. >> reporter: one of reed's areas of responsibility is in california at the u.s.-mexico border, the largest land port of entry in the world. it processes 110,000 people a day. >> just a couple weeks ago we arrested someone here at the port of entry. >> reporter: an officer on corruption charges? >> that's right. reporter: there have been more than just a few bad apples. a new report from the department of homeland security's inspector general lists 358 convictions of customs and border protection employees and their associates since 2004. complaints of misconduct are up by 77%. >> this is our border corruption task force wall of shame. >> reporter: the case of officer michael gilliland is notorious. >> he was a very senior agent. he taught all the new people at the port. but he was also passing loads many loads of undocumented illegal aliens through the border. >> reporter: that's
. >> reporter: there wls also gripping photos that the fbi showed from inside holmes' apartment. it was described how it was meticulously rigged to explode. the agent said he programmed his stereo to play loud music hoping to attract attention hoping someone would hit a trip wire. the investigator said a thermos of explosives was set up to spill into a frying pan creating another chemical that would create sparks and start a fire. holmes told investigators he rigged a box of fireworks to be detonated by a remote-controlled car he placed in the alley outside his apartment. an agent testified that in the ten weeks leading up to the attack, holmes purchased four guns and almost 360 rounds of ammo. teresa garcia senn tencbs news centennial, colorado. >>> we've been reporting that this is a particularly bad and early flu season and now most of the country is reporting high levels of the flu with an increase in severe illness. hospital emergency rooms are feeling the strain as more patients seek treatment. inez ferre has the report. >> reporter: emergency rooms are
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. materials report sales started spiking after the newtown massacre. the fbi said it performed a record .8 million criminal background checks last month. that's a 49% increase over the same period in 2011. but acetone tone reports, curbing gun violence may require addressing more than just gun sales. >> the video game industry is facing white it considers its most serious threat in 20 years the possibility of new government regulations on violent games. vice president biden told game makers he has reached no conclusions about video game violence but suggested he may be the only one. >> you all know the judgments other people have made. >> last month's shooting in newtown connecticut produced a barrage of judgments that video games contribute to a culture of violence, even from the head of of the nra, wayne lapierre. >> and they play murder, portray murder as a way of life. and then they all have the nerve to call it "entertainment." >> reporter: the video game industry rebuffed a government crack down 20 years ago by creating ratings, similar to those for movies. violent games are rated m
of retired fbi agent robert levinson who vanished in iran almost six years ago released videos of him holding him hostage. >> i believe the iranian government is holding my husband. >> a ferry accident in new york a ferry ran into a dock. >>> first there was a fire on one plane, now a fuel leak on another. >>> more than 100 wildfires are raging australia's wales. >>> quarterback robert griffin iii will go under reconstructive surgery this morning on his knee. >>> i'm a former stripper. >> all thieves witnesses were scared. >> what could lance armstrong do to them? >> insin rate them. >> on "cbs morning news." >> you wear the rings, what do you do? >> put them on the coffee table for the recruits to look at. notre dame defeated rish people haven't been this depressed since all the time. captioning funded by cbs >>> welcome to "cbs this morning." nearly a month after the newtown massacre, the white house is putting new pressure on congress to consider tougher gun laws. >> gun control supporters are also pushing harder while the country's leading gun lobbies prepare to
in san joaquin county, the fbi has not found any new human remains. crews are trying to get to the bottom of a second well near linden where there may be more victims of the "speed freak" killers. the fbi plans to dig by hand as they continue the search. >>> the damage that oil tanker caused to the beijing this week is more costly than first thought. -- bay bridge this week is more costly than first thought. the under side of the support column was hit. another picture shows the scrape mark on the ship and if you look to the left some of the wood is stuck to the ship. damage to the bridge now estimated between $2 million and $3 million. an attorney though for the pilot says, speculation of pilot error is premature. there are many potential causes such as mechanical failure, faulty navigational devices, n predictable fog conditions and possibly some other sources." >>> well, hollywood is up before dawn to find out who will get the oscar nod. >> we are going live out to hollywood. this is the samuel gold when theater where seth mcfarland is
-old michaela garecht. the fbi hasn't found any new remains in a second well >>> a big rig driver is dead after his truck went over an overpass and burst into flames. cbs 5 reporter cate caugiran on how a group of strangers risked their lives to save him. >> reporter: at this point it's still a mystery how this accident that caused a major traffic backup happened. >> they will be looking at any marks on the roadway, marks of the vehicles, the pickup truck that was up there still on scene has now been taken off but they will look at the damage of that truck. they will take measurements and as far as the exact location of where the crash occurred. >> reporter: the accident was around 6:40 this morning. an ace hardware truck and white pickup were involved in a collision causing the big rig to fly off highway 37. chp says it fell some 3 stories down on this grassy area where a small fire started. >> there were two witnesses coming northbound on state route 29 approaching the 37 overcross that saw sparks coming off the freeway off the overcross. >> reporter:
will be searched for again. the fbi is focusing on a 50- foot well not too far from where 1,000 bones were found. >> this well site is 50 feet deep. as i said earlier, we may only be able to excavate five feet each day so we are going to do a methodical careful search. >> feds took over the investigation from the san joaquin county sheriff's department after it was criticized for mishandling the operation. >>> a woman is under arrest in southern california after the death of a 2-year-old girl who ate chili powder in apple valley just north of san bernardino. sheriff's deputies went to a home sunday and found a toddler suffering from a seizure. she later died at the hospital. an autopsy is planned to find out what role the chili powder played in the girl's death. she was the daughter of the woman's boyfriend. >>> some developing news now out of australia. firefighters are battling scores of wildfires across the southeast. to make matters worse, they are facing blistering temperatures and high winds. national parks have been evacuated. about 100 people are mis
fbi deputy director who guess what, has worked with the real ncis. john miller. this is what i got -- two bad [ bleep ] sitting at the table. that's what i think is so much fun about your show. she is a bad [ bleep ] but also manages to show vulnerability and emotion from time to time. >> yes. she does. >> good. >> i think the writers and the people like to see that. and i've always said that i -- i never thought vulnerability is a bad thing. i think vulnerability is a strength. >> uh-huh. >> i think if people were able to be more comfortable with their vulnerability, i think we'd be a more honest people. >> you have leon carroll there, a retired ncis agent, on set looking at the scripts. but when you have a question of what would an agent do here how would you take this or clear this room, is that useful? >> of course. you know we are actors. and as actors we are very curious people by nature. and we may have an idea of how to do things but the reality is that we are not trained, you know we have to ask, and we rely on hurt cure-- rely on our curiosity to do thin
testified 30 gunshots could be heard during the very first phone call. and an fbi agent showed the court photos from inside holmes' apartment and described how it was meticulously rigged to explode. the 25-year-old suspect is accused of murdering 12 people and wounding dozens more in the shooting rampage last july. >>> a problem tonight for the country's new potential cia director. john brennan is president obama's pick to be the next head of the cia but senator lindsey graham is threatening to delay brennan's confirmation until he gets answers about the deadly assault in libya that killed the u.s. ambassador and three other americans. the white house says the cia position is essential and needs to be filled without delay. >>> the san francisco board of supervisors has elected david chu president for a third term. the 42-year-old chu was reelected by his fellow supervisors in a unanimous vote. he appoints chairs, members of board committees and running the full board's regular meetings. each term is two years. >>> new at 6:00, the white house's top dru
in bathrooms. police say not clear when the robbers got away. >>> fbi specialists have reached the bottom of another well near linden in the search for more "speed freak" killer remains. officials expected to reach the bottom sooner but found the well was four times as deep as they initially thought. the bottom is covered with water and it sits more than 200 feet below the surface. csi teams will use a pump to remove the water and allow a camera to get a view around before digging any further. >>> california is steaming toward a budget surplus. and maybe for the foreseeable future. governor jerry brown releasing his $145 billion budget yesterday complete with an $851 million surplus. schools the big winner. k-12 and community colleges will get an extra $3 billion. medi-cal will get an extra $350 million. a billion will go into the rainy day fund. brown says the key now is to hold the line on spending. >> what i think is compassionate, what is good for the state of california, and what we can maintain over time instead of just enjoying a momentary high
of westly shermantine and lauren herr son. the fbi is focusing on a 50- foot well near where 1,000 bones were found. >> this well is approximately 50 feet deep. as i said earlier, we may only be able to excavate 5 feet each day. so we are going to do a very methodical and careful search. >> the feds took over the investigation from the san joaquin county sheriff's department after it was criticized for mishandling the operation. >>> the man accused of killing 7 people at oikos university last year is not fit to stand trial. yesterday, a judge ruled that this man, 44-year-old one goh is mentally incompetent. a psychologist said he is a paranoid schizophrenic and can't understand court proceedings. the criminal case is on hold indefinitely. his lawyers say he will be sent to napa state hospital for treatment. >>> and some other bay area headlines. teenaged boy is oakland's first homicide victim of 2013. he was found shot to death in a parked car near hegenberger road and hamilton vote yesterday afternoon. so far no arrests and no word on a motive. >>
. >> reporter: good morning. yeah. facebook now has an entire department made up of some former fbi agents whose sole job is to identify possible child porn images, tag them and then send them to organizations working with law enforcement. not an easy task when you consider that facebook users upload about 300 million pictures every day. but the social network is being aided by a technology called photo dna which can identify a known illegal image even if it's been edited or manipulated. there is sort of a digital fingerprint and it's immediately flagged when uploaded. once an image is identified it's forwarded to the national center for missing and exploited children and they pass tips to local law enforcement. according to this morning's "mercury news," the silicon valley internet crimes against children task force has received more than 1500 tips and that was for last year. back to you guys. >> thank you. kcbs radio's matt bigler, thank you. >>> 6:40. coming up the awards season officially upon us. some of the big winners from last night's golden g
suspect should stand trial. yesterday, the fbi agent testified that james holmes rigged his apartment with explosives and trip wires and then programmed a stereo to play loud music hoping to attract attention. the investigator said a thermos of explosives was set up to spill into a frying pan containing another chemical that would then start a fire. holmes appeared without emotions at the hearing. a woman whose husband was killed in the shooting believes holmes's demeanor is all an act. >> he is faking it. i think he's in shock. i think he wants to stick to it because he knows what he's done. >> holds is accused of murdering -- holmes is accused of murdering 12 people and injuring 70 in the massacre. prosecutors are trying to prove it was premeditated. >>> coming up, diet soda danger. why the drink is being linked now to depression. >> plus, mysterious and mystical no more. captured on video for the first time ever. >> and the market opened 10 minutes ago. a quick peek at the early numbers on wall street and they look fabulous! we'll crunch the
this morning kronltd john miller, a former assistant to the fbi who served in the nypd and the lapd both. john, let me start with you. what do you think is going to come out of this? >> this is going to be a big uphill battle and it has many moving parts. if you want to put an armed police officer or security in every skier. i think they want to get back what they lost which is an assaults weapon ban and ban on high-capacity magazines. the question is if they get back what they lost lrks it make a difference which wasn't much? how do you take the lessons of last time, tweak it and make a difference. >> the other question is we know congress has not wanted to wrestle with this issue for quite some time. is it worth it if it's not going to be productive? >> you don't know that until you've been wrestling. the last time they had such a run-up to it the gun industry flooded the market with the weapons that would be banned bus what was implied in the law was if you had it before the ban, you could keep it and when the ban expired after ten years they flooded the market ag
Search Results 0 to 15 of about 16